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Martingale Training Collar: Hugs and Kisses

Designer training collar. Featuring the text of XOXO for hugs and kisses

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Price: $32.00

Hand sewn nylon webbing and Grosgrain ribbon.  Has a chrome plated martingale chain with a D-ring

When a martingale collar is pulled, it closes to fit your dog's neck

The collar can be washed with mild soap and warm water. Immediately dried the chain with a towel. This collar.

  • 1 inch Medium (10-16 inches)
  • 1 inch Large (13-20 inches)
  • 1 inch XLarge (16- 26 inches)
A martingale collar is a type of dog collar that provides more control. When the Martingale is pulled closed it should fit the exact size of your dogs neck (make sure its not too tight!). The only time to use it tighter is when you are working with a dog trainer. Martingales with a chain offer quick correction and are an alternative to traditional chain-slip collars.  The combination of a soft collar with the sound and quicker correction the chain link offers is a great solution for many strong willed dogs. Never leave any style martingale collar on your dog in a crate, and avoided in pets with delicate tracheas, such as Yorkshire Terriers.

PLEASE NOTE:  It is not recommended that you leave martingale collars on your dog when unattended since it is a collar that tightens when pulled on.

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