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dawg-e-data USB Dog Tag

dawg-e-data utilizes a high-speed waterproof USB device nestled inside a durable bone shaped housing to hold all of your pet's necessary information such as contact information, photos, medical records, x-rays, and more. LIMITED QUANTITY !

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Price: $40.00

dawg-e-data has developed the most innovative pet information system using a USB device that goes where your pet goes. Easily update your contact information and your dog's veterinary records using a pc or mac and your dog's id tag will always be current.  Keep all of your dog's relevant information in one place and with your dog at all times. 

dawg-e-data makes it easy to stay on top of vaccinations and regular veterinary checkups. Each time you visit your veterinarian, they can easily updates your pets records on its dawg-e-data device. You will have all of your dogs shot records, health procedures, medications, and test results, in one place.; Include pictures, your contact information, pet sitter's or dog walker's info, veterinarian's information, family information, medical history, microchip number, pet license number and anything else that would help someone identify your dog and help reunite you with them.. 

We think this unique id tag that embraces technology is a wonderful solution for people that travel with their pet, move frequently, older dogs and those with health issues, dogs on medications, dogs that go to doggy day care, dog parks, a kennel or a dog walker.  The information stored on the usb device could help save your dog in an emergency and reunite you with your pet.