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Bowser Luxury Crate Mattress - Daydream

Comfortable dog crate mattress, that also works as a stand alone dog bed. This mattress will giver your dog's crate a chic look.

Price: Starting at $75.00

This chic mattress not only gives your crate a new look, but is also a great low profile bed anywhere in the home.

A water resistant bottom makes this an excellent bed for boating, poolside lounging or for puppies and older incontinent dogs.

One inch of high-loft fiber; tufted for a mattress-like look, tops 2 inches of furniture-grade foam for support.

Cover is machine washable.


17 x 23 x 3


19 x 30 x 3


24 x 36 x 3


28 x 42 x 3


30 x 48 x 3


**This is a custom-made item and no returns or exchanges available

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