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Plush Dog Harness - Corduroy

ID #: Air Mesh Vest

Plush Vest Dog Harness is designed for easy wear and comfort. Made from Corduroy which is durable and easy to clean

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Price: $21.00

Plush Basic chest Harness is made with safety and comfort in mind. It fits around the entire chest area, to distribute pressure evenly. The harness is adjustable around the belly, which helps to adjust to your dogs size.

Made from Corduroy which is durable and easy to clean

Has a unique DogFinder ID. This helps you recover your dog if missing or lost.  This is a feature you can register for through the manufacturer once you receive your harness.

The air mesh fabric is a combination of breathable materials. The fiber between the two fabrics keep an airpocket for optimal comfort

The Harness features reflecting strip around the neck. This allows for better visibility during dusk and darkness.

  • Revolutionary DogFinder ID
  • Easy to open one button click-lock
  • Reflective Elements
  • Adjustable
  • Safety D-rings
  • Adjustable
  • Optimal distribution of pressure and tension points
  • Comfortable and easy to wear
Plush Air Mesh Basic Harness