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ComfortFlex Sport Dog Harness

Designed to protect sensitive areas, like the throat and underarm, during any level of activity

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Price: $35.00

The ComfortFlex Sport Harness offers a high standard of safety, simplicity and security. The design of this harness lets your dog retain a full range of motion without having to worry about underarm irritation or chafing.

Getting your dog into this harness is incredibly easy. Just drop it over your dogs head, secure the Velcro strap around his girth and connect the safety snap.

  • Made in the USA
  • Easy and simple to put on and take off
  • Ergonomic design allowing full range of movement
  • Dual purpose "handle" leash connection
  • Adjustable front chest piece for small dogs (Petite - XS)
  • Redundant VELCRO and Safety Snap closure
  • Reflective nylon strapping on chest piece, easily seen in low light situations
  • Machine washable and line dry

Size Girth breed*
P 12.5 - 15.5 Chihuahua, Miniatures, etc.
XXS 15.5 - 18.5
XS 18 - 20.5 Terriers, etc.
S 20.5 - 23.5 Shelties, Pugs, etc
S/M 21½" - 25"
M 24 - 28 Border Collies, Spaniels, etc.
M/L 27.5 - 32
L 28.5 - 33.5 Labradors, Retrievers, etc.
XL 32 - 36 Shepherds, Rotties, etc.
XXL 37.5 - 42 Giant Breeds

** These breeds are just guidelines

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