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XL Dog Bowl Stand: Single 18 H Criss Cross

ID #: RSB5-18H

Big dog feeder is 18 inches high and includes one 3 quart stainless steel dog bowl.

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Price: $60.00

XL Criss Cross Single Bowl Dog Diner - 18 inches high For BIG dogs!! Special Offer

Dog owners who have trouble finding diners tall enough for their big dog might find that two single diners would be a great alternative. This would also allow you to space them farther apart. Criss cross design is at the bottom for added stability.

Color: Black
Stainless steel bowl is included - 3 quart / 8" diameter
Ships UPS Ground Only - Oversized 1

SUGGESTION FOR BIG DOGS : XL 18" one Pyramid style and one XL Criss Cross, using one for food, the other for water. Both are the same height and complement each other. Big dogs can use the extra room between bowls and you'll have a unique, one of a kind look.

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