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PatentoPet DOG-e-Walk Basic Trainer

ID #: ZX90002

Connect the Patento Pet DOG-e-Walk Basic Trainer to your dog's collar and lead. When your dog pulls, you counter-pull the leash in the other direction and the Patento Pet Basic Trainer will emit an ultrasonic tone that distracts your dog from pulling.

Price: $34.95

Ultrasonic correction safely and humanely discourages leash pulling. Its a matter of associative learning. A signal is released as soon as your dog starts pulling on the leash. The more your dog pulls, the louder the signal gets. The less your dog pulls, the quieter the signal gets. After your dog associates pulling the leash with the sound signal, it won't take long for a change in behavior to occur. 

The Patento Pet DOG-e-Walk Basic Trainer is designed to focus the signal on the dog being walked, so it won't interfere with other dogs or animals nearby. Signal is effective up to 30 feet. Suitable for every breed and splashproof for safe walking in the rain.