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Deluxe Thermostatic Crate Fan + Accessories

ID #: ZW11039

Two-Speed ProSelect Dog Crate Fans provide refreshing airflow, circulating the air to help protect your dog from overheating in warm weather. The optional Cooling System features a freezer pack to add extra cooling power for up to two hours.

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Price: $32.00

Two-Speed Pet Crate Fan provides a refreshing airflow for dog or cat.  Especially useful during warm summer car rides. The standard Crate Fan features a built-in thermometer to measure ambient temperature, and a port to accommodate an AC/DC adapter (not included). The standard
Size: Measures 6¼" L x 2½" D x 8" H
Crate Fan comes in Silver. 

  • Retractable arms allow the fan to be hung on a cage, crate or pet carrier
  • Fans circulate the air, removing warm air from the cage interior, and can help to protect pet from overheating
  • Quiet, two-speed operation 
  • Powered by four "C" batteries (not included)

An optional Cooling Cartridge System features a freezer pack insert and snaps onto the front of either model fan to add extra cooling power for up to two hours.  It is designed specifically to boost the cooling power of the ProSelect Standard Cooling Fans.  Extra refills are sold separately

  • Features a non-toxic freezer pack insert and a plastic housing cartridge
  • Conveniently snaps onto the front of compatible fans
  • Offers extra cooling power that lasts for up to two hours
  • Replacement freezer pack Refills are also available and sold separately
    We recommend placing the attachment to the outside of the crate only.