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Everyday Nest Dog Bed Velour Fabric - Caribbean Blue

This dog bed will be more popular than your sofa! It's built like a sofa, with bolsters for extra softness and comfort.

Price: Starting at $100.00

Built like a sofa, this dog bed will be a hit! It has extra length for dogs who like to stretch. Made with heavy weight velour fabric.

The bed has bolsters with zippers and removable inserts. The center pad can be removed and used as a crate pad.
100% machine washable and filled with Sustaina fill, an eco friendly green fiber.
  • Small 24 x 18 $100.00
  • Medium 32 x 27 $140.00
  • Large 48 x 40 $225.00
Availability: generally ships within 2 - 6 days from CA