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Pastel Stainless Steel Dog Bowls - ON SALE

ID #: ZA524

Non-skid stainless steel dog bowls in a pretty light blue color. INVENTORY SALE - SAVE FROM $1 - $5 PER BOWL. Limited to quantity in stock. Half Pint: 2 LIGHT PINK / 1 LIGHT BLUE Quart: LIGHT BLUE

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SRP: $5.00
Price: $4.00
You Save: $1.00

Anti-Skid Bowls are made of durable, easy to clean, scratch-resistant stainless steel in a refreshing blue color. The non-skid base helps prevents spills and knock-overs. 

 Half Pint  $ 5 - on sale for $4
 Quart  $11 - on sale for $8 each

Please allow 1 - 1.5 weeks for this item to ship