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Mon Ami Dog Carrier - Black

ID #: Black

The black Mon Ami Dog Carrier is a must have classic small dog carrier that meets air travel requirements. This chic quilted bag features lot of pockets for storing needed items including one for your ipad.

Price: out of stock until further notice / Mon Ami is IN STOCK

Mon Ami Dog Carrier is a stylish quilted bag. It's fashionable and functional with a focus on safety and comfort. Has a removable foam 1.5 inch thick pillow, shoulder strap and safety tether

  • Meets all airline size requirements
  • Soft and subtle yet durable material
  • Flexible structure
  • Light weight
  • A lot of pockets for pets and personal items
  • A large pocket on the back to store small laptop computer(ipad...etc. )
  • Padded interior for pet comfort and safety
  • Interior pet safety strap fastener
  • the Do Your Duty poop bag pull through
  • Shoulder strap
  • An extra snap hook in the front pocket