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SLINGER dog toy

Slinger is the most fun dog toy launcher ever created. Put some variety into playtime. Slinger throws balls, plush toys, and flying disks!….and they all float! Slinger comes with one 2.65" ball. Pig, frisbee and mini ball are add-ons we highly recommend

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SRP: $19.95
Price: $15.95
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Sling it, Bounce it, put treats in it, or float it. The SLINGER is the first dog ball launching toy that slings more than one type of object. 
  • One handle throws multiple toys
  • All toys float
  • No more touching slobbery toys
  • Healthy and safe toys
  • Toys are easy to clean

Helpul Tips in response to frequently asked questions:

1. The ball is sticking on the handle…what should I do?

Answer: Try not to push the handle so far into the ball. Instead, just insert the handle lightly, using only the pressure needed to pick up the ball.

2. I’m having trouble throwing the flying disc. What should I do?

Answer: Try choking up on the handle and tossing the flying disc using a back hand motion. Be sure that the disc is parallel with the ground and toss it in a horizontal fashion from side to side.

3. Are the Slinger balls safe for my dog?

The Slinger balls are completely safe for your dog… The special material they are made from will clean your pet’s teeth and exercise and massage their gums promoting good oral health. 
(Tennis balls. which are not used in the Slinger selection of toys, are very bad for your dog… the wool on the exterior of the tennis ball traps dirt. That dirt works like sand paper to wear off the enamel on your dogs teeth.)