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ClearQuest® Max Absorbency Puppy Pads offer four times the absorption of the original house-training pads, holding up to 10 cups of liquid. A Poly-Lock Core made of an advanced-technology polymer locks in liquid and prevents tracking and tearing.

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Price: Starting at $55.00

ClearQuest Maximum Absorbency Puppy Pads are leakproof and have a Poly-Lock Core made of an advanced-technology polymer to lock in liquid and prevent tracking and tearing. For even more protection from leaks, we highly recommend the silicon Puppy Pad Holder  (sold separately -see related items below)

    • Holds 10 cups of liquid
    • Specially scented to attract dogs to use them
    • Puppy Pads measure 22" x 23"
    • Maximum-Absorbency pads are four times more absorbent than regular puppy pads
    • strong
    Maximum-Absorbency Puppy Pad Directions:
  1. Place pad in an area that is easily accessible to your dog at all times, but away from its sleeping and eating areas.
  2. Introduce dog to pad to allow it to become accustomed to the pad’s special scent.
  3. If you don’t catch your dog in the act of making a mistake, do not punish it after the fact. Praise and reward the dog when it eliminates on the pad.
  4. When the dog is using the pads properly on a regular basis, move the pads closer to your outside door, eventually moving the pad outdoors and eliminating the inside pads.

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