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SSS OrthoCare Dog Mattress

Dog mattress: OrthoCare dog bed provides better support for older dogs, large breeds or pets with hip displasia or joint problems.

Price: Starting at $100.00

SSS PetCare OrthoCare dog bed provides your dog with quality mattress support. OrthoCare dual density foam gives controlled support for older dogs, large breeds, or pets with hip dysplasia or joint problems. Comes with removable, washable cover and a fleecy top. Feel the difference with SSS PetCare OrthoCare. Better support, better sleep.

Green Fabric with Fleece.

20 x 30 x 5.5  $100
30 x 40 x 7     $150
35 x 47 x 7     $190 - sold out until further notice

Weight reflects oversized, dimensional shipping charges.
This product ships from the manufacturer in SC, usually within 1 - 1.5 weeks.