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Retractable Leash with Comfort Grip

ID #: FlexiComfort

Rectactable leash has a 16 foot cord and softer comfort grip.

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Price: $32.00

Retractable Cord Leash with Soft Grip handle. Attractive 2-tone casting and an especially comfortable, ergonomically shaped handle made of soft plastic. Maximum length of 16 ft give dogs freedom to explore.  The Flexi Comfort Grip Retractable Lead pulls out as dog ranges, or retracts as dog returns. One-button brake-and-lock system allows quick lead length control.

2 Sizes: 
Small - Suitable for dogs up to 26 pounds.
Medium:  Suitable for dogs up to 44 pounds.

Important information from FLEXI regarding safety precautions and how to use a retractable leash

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